The team at Military Fitness Academy pride ourselves on the results we help our members to achieve

Whatever your fitness, injury rehabilitation, training or weight loss goals – we can tailor the exercises and bootcamp classes to help you to accomplish your targets

Please read what some of our members have said about our bootcamp classes

“Great service , quality fitness great laugh as well an enthusiastic group to get fit with!” Luke M.

“First session today went brilliantly can definitely feel the after effects which goes to show how much you push your body looking forward to many more sessions and thanks to the trainer Nick really appreciated it.” Cal S.

“Bloody fantastic! A great fitness group that will actually get you fit. A lovely bunch of people that make the chore of exercising fun and enjoyable. Totally recommended.” Helen RH.

“Just got in from my 1st session absolutely enjoyed but going to feel it in the morning!! Cant wait to do it again, thanks for the support” Lewis C.

“Made to feel very welcome. Great exercises for all levels of fitness. Highly recommend.” Dan C.

“Come guys and girls it’s time you all got fit you lazy buggers. Come join the fun” Ian R.

“Great instructors & a good mix of friendly folk to exercise with. In short it works!” Paul F.

“It’s the perfect start to any day !” Chloe RH.

“Everyone has to start somewhere. MFA is perfect for beginners. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can improve if you make an effort!” Sally W.

“I came to MFA with the intent of giving the session a try but thinking it was not for me…I would be too out of shape to cope….But the endorphins kicked in and I was hooked.

Nick ensures that all fitness levels are challenged but cared for; every session is different to keep it fresh, fun and work every muscle group.

The people who attend are from all walks of life and are so supportive and encouraging and I feel I have made more progress in the last ten months than in years of going it alone.

When you have a gym membership you can go whenever you like…Which easily becomes a permanent tomorrow with no value for money or improved fitness.

Committing to a few sessions per week means I have to attend or miss out. Nick ensures you are working with good form to stay injury free and get the most from every exercise.

His friendly, no nonsense approach will keep you coming back for more. Whether you are an experienced runner, looking to generally keep fit, or are in need of some serious lifestyle changes to get fit Nick will push you to bring out the best in yourself.

Come rain, shine or even snow….I don’t want to miss any sessions if I can help it and I much prefer the variety and challenges of the outdoor sessions to a gym environment.

I only wish I had joined sooner when a friend recommended MFA to me.” Jo G.

“Nick’s MFA sessions are perfect for people of all abilities. Exercises (or the amount you do) are tailored to suit your particular level.

The sessions are challenging – in order to get the benefit – but the exercises undertaken are varied which also makes it a lot of fun!

Current attendees would also make newcomers welcome, so come along!” Ian H.

For more information or to come along to your free taster session, contact the team at MFA today