Our qualified bootcamp trainers are here to help you to meet your fitness goals

Nick Hill – Co founder and Managing Director of Military Fitness Academy

  • Employment: Former Army Officer and Army Commando
  • Time Serving: 9 Years Service
  • Training: BSc Hons Sport Science, Qualified Teacher (QTS) & Qualified Kettlebell Instructor

I’ve been taking fitness seriously since I was at school and that is quite a long time ago.

This love of understanding and enjoying new ways of keeping fit meant that I was always snatching the opportunity to ‘do a bit of fiz’ especially outdoors and in all weathers and now I’m hoping to pass on my enthusiasim to all my clients, young and old and everyone in-between.

After training at Sandhurst I joined the Infantry and engaged in active service on several operational tours abroad.

I also completed the rigorous Commando Course for the Royal Marine’s gaining the coveted Green Beret.

This test of endurance was not only a physical but also a mental challenge and it really brought home the fact that it is often that lack of mental belief that you can get fit, you can endure and you can enjoy fitness that gets between making that first step and a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

We can help you overcome your mental and physical barriers to fitness and believe me you’ll never look back.

My classes keep it simple but always make it fun whatever your level of fitness.

No matter how unfit you think you are you’ll benefit from the encouragement of the group while getting personal attention to tailor activities to your level of fitness.

The classes are graded for fitness so everyone can work at that their level but the fun factor is available to all.