Military Fitness Academy is an outdoor fitness company based in Thanet in the Ramsgate area. Bootcamp classes run 3 times a week in and around the Government Acre/ Western Undercliff area.

Fitness for all

MFA provides training for all levels of fitness so whether you are a beginner and new to fitness trying to lose weight and tone up or a super fit athlete looking to break the fitness plateau or complement your sport MFA is for you.

MFA works by using different coloured bibs to show your fitness level in the following way:

Blue – Beginner

Red – Intermediate

Green – Advanced

White – Elite


Welcome to our New Website.

We are very pleased to welcome you to our new website, have a look around and let us know what you think. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our bootcamps soon.

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This means that no matter what your fitness level you will always get the most out of every session, you’ll always part of the action and always part of the team.


Types of Training

MFA takes from all disciplines of fitness, after all, all the instructors are former British Armed Forces and have themselves experienced all manner of ways to get fit. In any session, you could experience circuit training, sprint training, tabata (super high-intensity interval training), HIIT, Kettlebell, battling ropes, sandbag carries or even pilates all under close supervision from our team of highly qualified instructors.

With the beautiful Government Acre area of Ramsgate being our playground we never run out of space and the beach below is floodlit all year round so are always good to go no matter the conditions; there have been some very windy sessions but the beach is always good to train on.

Hints and tips

What to wear – As we are training in the outdoors you need to be ready for different weather conditions. If we’re training in summer then t-shirt and shorts is fine but winter can be a challenge so I recommend either leggings or long shorts and a long-sleeved base layer with a thin windproof to keep the wind off. Nick always says to start cold and then it’s up to him to keep you warm; he never fails.

You will be running on very mixed terrain so it’s best to go for some kind of trail running shoe, we tend to do short runs and little sprints so you don’t need lots of cushioning normally found on running shoes.

MFA clothing available to buy from Ambition Sport, click on the link to browse our products.

Arrive hydrated it’s generally best to drink a good sized glass of water an hour before the class so your body can function at it’s best. 5% dehydration can lead to a drop in both mental and physical performance of 25% so hydration is key.